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Legal knowledge and Experience of  European and American law
Jan Johansson was born in Sweden and has both a legal education and work experience from Europe.He attended Uppsala University, Shool of Law and Kings College, University of London. Attorney Johansson also worked in the U.K, and Germany before relocating to the United States where he graduated from NYU School of law and was admitteed to the bars in Connecticut and New York State. His knowledge about the various legal systems has proven to be invaluable when advising European client on legalalternatives and solutions.

Incoporation and Start-ups
We offer assistance incorporating companies in the United States, including applying for the necessary work permits and visas. We lease office space, introduce the clients to banks, trade organization and other institutions depending on the client's needs.

Newly Wed and looking for a recidence and working visa?
No worries, we will put together the whole application and file it immediately. If you are abroad and waiting to get married we prepare a K-1 visa for you, if you are already married and living in the U.S. we file a family based immigrant petition which makes it possinble to start working three monts after the filing of the petition.

Got a job offer in the U.S.?
If you need a working visa type a L-1 or a H1-B call us. We can have a visa processed and approved withing 16 working days!

Other Issues?
Please feel free to contact us. We work closely together with other lawyers in all specialties and areas of law in the United States - and globally.

Our cutting-edge web based client management system makes it possible to complete forms, contracts and negotiations 24/7, seven days a week and in your time zone! And yes! We do answer the phone when you call!